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Assam Medical College Dibrugarh 2024-25 : NEET PG Cut-off Fees, Bond & Stipend

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Assam Medical College

Assam Medical College Dibrugarh NEET PG Cut-off Fees Bond & Stipend

College Overview

Name of InstituteAssam Medical College Dibrugarh
Popular NameAssam Medical College Dibrugarh
LocationDibrugarh, Assam
Year of Establishment1947
Institute TypeGovernment
AffiliatedSrimanta Shankardeva University of Health Sciences
Counselling Conducted AuthorityThe Directorate of Medical Education, Assam
Hostel FacilityYes (Male and Female)

Assam Medical College Dibrugarh NEET PG Fees Structure 2024

Tuition Fees All Branch17,670
Hostel Fees2400 to 4000

Assam Medical College Dibrugarh NEET PG through State Quota 50 % Counselling 2023 Closing Rank

QuotaCatBranchClosing Rank
Assam Govt QuotaURMD Anaesthesiology23588
Assam Govt QuotaURMD Dermatology7727
Assam Govt QuotaURMD General Medicine6145
Assam Govt QuotaURMD Paediatrics11077
Assam Govt QuotaURMD Pathology39460
Assam Govt QuotaURMD Psychiatry24811
Assam Govt QuotaURMD Radiation Oncology32933
Assam Govt QuotaURMS ENT27584
Assam Govt QuotaURMS General Surgery23807
Assam Govt QuotaURMS Ophthalmology25377
Assam Govt QuotaURMS Orthopaedics19403
Assam Govt QuotaUROBG13905
Assam Govt QuotaEWSMD General Medicine8809
Assam Govt QuotaEWSMD Paediatrics16766
Assam Govt QuotaEWSMD Pathology35577
Assam Govt QuotaEWSMS General Surgery21509
Assam Govt QuotaEWSMS Ophthalmology24893
Assam Govt QuotaEWSMS Orthopaedics19925
Assam Govt QuotaEWSOBG16964
Assam Govt QuotaOBC/MOBCMD Anaesthesiology24247
Assam Govt QuotaOBC/MOBCMD General Medicine9429
Assam Govt QuotaOBC/MOBCMD Paediatrics12234
Assam Govt QuotaOBC/MOBCMD Pathology43525
Assam Govt QuotaOBC/MOBCMS General Surgery24439
Assam Govt QuotaOBC/MOBCOBG15513
Assam Govt QuotaSCMD Anaesthesiology52253
Assam Govt QuotaSCMD General Medicine22597
Assam Govt QuotaSCMD Paediatrics34292
Assam Govt QuotaSCMD Pathology78239
Assam Govt QuotaSCMD Psychiatry53685
Assam Govt QuotaSCMD Radiodiagnosis23083
Assam Govt QuotaSCMS General Surgery45130
Assam Govt QuotaSCMS Ophthalmology55543
Assam Govt QuotaSCMS Orthopaedics43193
Assam Govt QuotaST(H)MD Pathology65212
Assam Govt QuotaST(H)MD Radiodiagnosis41801
Assam Govt QuotaST(H)MS General Surgery91575
Assam Govt QuotaST(P)MD Anaesthesiology46418
Assam Govt QuotaST(P)MD General Medicine38894
Assam Govt QuotaST(P)MD Psychiatry67720
Assam Govt QuotaST(P)MS General Surgery62316
Assam SHQSHQMD Anaesthesiology79073
Assam SHQSHQMD General Medicine11276
Assam SHQSHQMD Pathology52441
Assam SHQSHQMS Ophthalmology93739
Assam SHQSHQMS Orthopaedics37992
Assam SHQSHQOBG57644

Assam Medical College Dibrugarh NEET PG Service Bond Details & Seat Leaving Bond

Bond TypesDetails
Bond Year10
Bond Penalty20,00,000
Seat Leaving Penalty20 Lakh
Mandatory Service of 1 year Till date. Candidate can avail ” No Stipend No Bond Option ”

Assam Medical College Dibrugarh NEET PG Stipend Details

YearStipend Amount (per annum)
Year 148,000
Year 249,500
Year 351,000
Candidate can avail ” No Stipend No Bond Option ”

Neet PG Counselling 2023

Assam Medical College Dibrugarh Document Required

  • MBBS Certificate.
  • Mark sheet of MBBS 1st, 2nd and 3rd-year examinations
  • Medical Registration Certificate.
  • Internship Completion Certificate.
  • Photo identity proof in the form of a Certificate with an attested photo from the Head of the Institution last studied/Copy of Passport/Aadhar Card/PAN Card/Driving License (Self-attested photocopy after verifying with the original documents).
  • Copy of: Birth Certificate for proof of age (if the date of birth is not given in the HSC mark sheet/ certificate).
  • NEET PG Score Card.
  • Copy of Online Counselling Registration Certificate.
  • Sponsorship Certificate from State Govt. If applicable.
  • Passport size Photographs 8 copies.

NEET PG Cut-off Fees NEET PG Cut-off Fees NEET PG Cut-off Fees NEET PG Cut-off Fees NEET PG Cut-off Fees NEET PG Cut-off Fees NEET PG Cut-off Fees NEET PG Cut-off Fees NEET PG Cut-off Fees NEET PG Cut-off Fees NEET PG Cut-off Fees

This College provides a good ratio of well-trained and highly educated faculty members with modern technology. It also offers sufficient non-technical staff to provide an ambience of self-learning to the students. As faculty members of the Shri Krishna Medical College and Hospital Muzaffarpur, they are responsible for contributing to and sustaining the institution’s medical education standards. All the faculty of the campus comply with the relevant policies, which are given below:

  • Describe appropriate care based on the best available scientific evidence.
  • Reduce inappropriate variation in value-based practices
  • Provide more rational and practical behaviour towards the subject Taught.
  • Focussing more and more on continuing education
  • To promote efficient use of available resources
  • To act as the focus for quality control, including audit
  • To highlight shortcomings of existing literature and suggest appropriate future research
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