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King Georges Medical University Lucknow 2024-25 : NEET PG Cut-off Fees, Bond & Stipend

King George Medical University Lucknow

King George Medical University Lucknow NEET PG Cut-off Fees Bond & Stipend

College Overview

Name of InstituteKing George’s Medical University Lucknow
Popular NameKGMU Lucknow
LocationLucknow, Uttar Pradesh
Year of Establishment1911
Institute TypeGovernment
AffiliatedKing Georges Medical University, Lucknow
Counselling Conducted AuthorityDGME UP
Hostel FacilityYes (Male and Female)

King George Medical University Lucknow NEET PG Fees Structure 2024

Tuition Fees All Branch54,700
Hostel Fees5,000 to 10,000

King George Medical University Lucknow AIQ 50 % Counselling 2023 Closing Rank

AIQM.D. AnaesthesiologyGEN15883
AIQM.D. AnaesthesiologyEWS21458
AIQM.D. AnaesthesiologyOBC18843
AIQM.D. AnaesthesiologySC41748
AIQM.D. AnaesthesiologyST60196
AIQM.D. Community MedicineGEN31719
AIQM.D. Emergency MedicineGEN4581
AIQM.D. Emergency MedicineEWS14408
AIQM.D. General MedicineGEN554
AIQM.D. General MedicineEWS1981
AIQM.D. General MedicineOBC1952
AIQM.D. General MedicineSC9006
AIQM.D. General MedicineST27091
AIQM.D. Obst. & GynaeGEN4349
AIQM.D. Obst. & GynaeEWS5292
AIQM.D. Obst. & GynaeOBC4822
AIQM.D. Obst. & GynaeSC12647
AIQM.D. Obst. & GynaeST33906
AIQM.D. PaediatricsGEN2390
AIQM.D. PaediatricsEWS3050
AIQM.D. PaediatricsOBC5321
AIQM.D. PaediatricsSC13242
AIQM.D. PaediatricsST26484
AIQM.D. PathologyGEN23366
AIQM.D. PathologyEWS40218
AIQM.D. PathologyOBC30754
AIQM.D. PathologySC43423
AIQM.D. PsychiatryGEN8878
AIQM.D. PsychiatryOBC12574
AIQM.D. PsychiatrySC22812
AIQM.D. Radio- DiagnosisGEN421
AIQM.D. Radio- DiagnosisEWS901
AIQM.D. Radio- DiagnosisOBC1390
AIQM.D. RadiotherapyGEN13955
AIQM.D. RadiotherapyST27472
AIQM.D. Respiratory MedicineGEN4337
AIQM.D. Respiratory MedicineEWS9000
AIQM.D. Respiratory MedicineOBC6106
AIQM.D. Respiratory MedicineSC25012
AIQM.S. EntGEN13196
AIQM.S. EntOBC10477
AIQM.S. General SurgeryGEN3791
AIQM.S. General SurgeryEWS2770
AIQM.S. General SurgeryOBC4677
AIQM.S. General SurgerySC21044
AIQM.S. General SurgeryST37208
AIQM.S. OphthalmologyOBC15577
AIQM.S. OphthalmologySC212022
AIQM.S. OrthopaedicsGEN4387
AIQM.S. OrthopaedicsEWS7878
AIQM.S. OrthopaedicsOBC6415
AIQM.S. OrthopaedicsSC17612
AIQM.S. OrthopaedicsST47739
AIQM.S. Traumatology &SurgeryEWS16180
AIQM.S. Traumatology &SurgeryST58304
Sarojini Naidu Medical College Agra

King George Medical University Lucknow NEET PG through State Quota 50 % Counselling 2023

UP -Govt QuotaMD AnaesthesiologyUR20021
UP -Govt QuotaMD Blood TransfusionUR83434
UP -Govt QuotaMD Emergency MedicineUR8354
UP -Govt QuotaMD General MedicineUR963
UP -Govt QuotaMD RadiodiagnosisUR435
UP -Govt QuotaMD Respiratory MedicineUR7762
UP -Govt QuotaObstetrics and GynaecologyUR4313
UP -Govt QuotaMS ENTUR10228
UP -Govt QuotaMS General SurgeryUR3221
UP -Govt QuotaMS OphthalmologyUR7953
UP -Govt QuotaMS OrthopaedicsUR11351
UP -Govt QuotaMS Traumatology and SurgeryUR13287
UP -Govt QuotaMD AnaesthesiologyBC21986
UP -Govt QuotaMD BiochemistryBC69848
UP -Govt QuotaMD General MedicineBC1429
UP -Govt QuotaMD Hospital AdministrationBC95354
UP -Govt QuotaMD MicrobiologyBC102174
UP -Govt QuotaMD PaediatricsBC8286
UP -Govt QuotaMD PathologyBC38523
UP -Govt QuotaMD Physical Medicine & RehabilitationBC41217
UP -Govt QuotaMD PsychiatryBC12747
UP -Govt QuotaMD Radiation OncologyBC34615
UP -Govt QuotaMD RadiodiagnosisBC1065
UP -Govt QuotaMD Respiratory MedicineBC6380
UP -Govt QuotaObstetrics and GynaecologyBC6035
UP -Govt QuotaMS General SurgeryBC6272
UP -Govt QuotaMS OphthalmologyBC18772
UP -Govt QuotaMS OrthopaedicsBC6084
UP -Govt QuotaMS Traumatology and SurgeryBC15509
UP -Govt QuotaMD AnaesthesiologyEW20198
UP -Govt QuotaMD General MedicineEW1285
UP -Govt QuotaMD PaediatricsEW3378
UP -Govt QuotaMD PathologyEW42015
UP -Govt QuotaMD PsychiatryEW21096
UP -Govt QuotaMD Radiation OncologyEW53000
UP -Govt QuotaMD Respiratory MedicineEW9069
UP -Govt QuotaObstetrics and GynaecologyEW5287
UP -Govt QuotaMS General SurgeryEW5287
UP -Govt QuotaMS OphthalmologyEW18947
UP -Govt QuotaMS OrthopaedicsEW14849
UP -Govt QuotaMD AnaesthesiologySC34942
UP -Govt QuotaMD Blood TransfusionSC54139
UP -Govt QuotaMD Emergency MedicineSC26466
UP -Govt QuotaMD General MedicineSC22081
UP -Govt QuotaMD MicrobiologySC87391
UP -Govt QuotaMD PaediatricsSC18120
UP -Govt QuotaMD PathologySC42663
UP -Govt QuotaMD PsychiatrySC33259
UP -Govt QuotaMD Radiation OncologySC40466
UP -Govt QuotaMD RadiodiagnosisSC2384
UP -Govt QuotaMD Respiratory MedicineSC29395
UP -Govt QuotaObstetrics and GynaecologySC16886
UP -Govt QuotaMS ENTSC27319
UP -Govt QuotaMS General SurgerySC16601
UP -Govt QuotaMS OphthalmologySC39574
UP -Govt QuotaMS OrthopaedicsSC14385
UP -Govt QuotaMS Traumatology and SurgerySC36179
UP -Govt QuotaMD Emergency MedicineST86365
UP -Govt QuotaMD PathologyST84179
UP -Govt QuotaMS OrthopaedicsST64389

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King George Medical University Lucknow NEET PG Service Bond Details & Seat Leaving Bond

Bond TypesDetails
Bond Year2
Bond Penalty40,00,000
Seat Leaving Penalty35 lakhs

King George Medical University Lucknow NEET PG Stipend Details

YearStipend Amount (per annum)
Year 11,09,955
Year 21,12,994
Year 31,16,034

Document Required for Document Required for Uttar Pradesh PG Medical Admission

  • Seat Allotment Letter NEET PG 2024
  • S.C./S.T./O.B.C./E.W.S Certificate if applicable
  • Admit Card of NEET PG 2024
  • PG NEET 2021 Rank Letter
  • Online registration proof NEET PG 2024
  • Fee Receipts of tuition fee
  • High School Certificate as proof of date of birth
  • Mark sheet & Certificate of 10+2
  • MBBS Mark sheets of all professional examinations
  • MBBS passing out Certificate or degree
  • Compulsory Rotatory Internship completion certificate
  • Permanent Registration Certificate (U.P. State/MCI/NMC)
  • MBBS Attempt Certificate
  • Migration Certificate
  • Character Certificate
  • Transfer Certificate
  • S.C./S.T./O.B.C./Person with Disability certificate, If applicable (Last Six month)
  • Employers relieving certificate, if employed
  • Discontinuos Bond (5 Lac) on 100 Rs Stamp Paper
  • Service Bond 40 Lac for Degree & 20 Lac on 100 Rs Stamp Paper
  • Pan Card Copy
  • Adhar Card Copy

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King George Medical University LucknowKing George Medical University LucknowKing George Medical University LucknowKing George Medical University LucknowKing George Medical University LucknowKing George Medical University LucknowKing George Medical University Lucknow

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