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Government Medical College, Nagpur 2024-25 : NEET PG Cut-off Fees, Bond & Stipend

Government Medical College Nagpur

Government Medical College Nagpur NEET PG Cut-off Fees Bond & Stipend

College Overview

Name of InstituteGovernment Medical College Nagpur
Popular NameGMC Nagpur
LocationNagpur, Maharashtra
Year of Establishment1947
Institute TypeGovernment
AffiliatedMaharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik
Counselling Conducted AuthorityCET CELL
Hostel FacilityYes (Male and Female)

Government Medical College Nagpur NEET PG Fees Structure 2024

Tuition Fees All Branch1,03,900
Hostel Fees5,000 to 10,000

Government Medical College Nagpur AIQ 50 % Counselling 2023 Closing Rank

QuotaBranchCatClosing Rank
AIQM.D. General MedicineGEN983
AIQM.D. Obst. & GynaeGEN5654
AIQM.D. AnaesthesiologyGEN17732
AIQM.D. PaediatricsGEN3905
AIQM.D. PathologyGEN34830
AIQM.D. PsychiatryGEN11381
AIQM.D. Radio- DiagnosisGEN467
AIQM.D. Respiratory MedicineGEN5512
AIQM.S. EntGEN15563
AIQM.S. General SurgeryGEN3382
AIQM.S. OphthalmologyGEN6985
AIQM.S. OrthopaedicsGEN5626
AIQM.D. General MedicineEWS1027
AIQM.D. Obst. & GynaeEWS8108
AIQM.D. AnaesthesiologyEWS22259
AIQM.D. PaediatricsEWS6632
AIQM.D. Respiratory MedicineEWS9347
AIQM.S. EntEWS18107
AIQM.S. General SurgeryEWS8956
AIQM.S. OphthalmologyEWS16804
AIQM.D. DermatologyOBC3383
AIQM.D. General MedicineOBC2618
AIQM.D. Obst. & GynaeOBC7680
AIQM.D. AnaesthesiologyOBC20483
AIQM.D. PaediatricsOBC5787
AIQM.D. PathologyOBC35897
AIQM.D. PsychiatryOBC16420
AIQM.D. Radio- DiagnosisOBC905
AIQM.D. RadiotherapyOBC30550
AIQM.S. General SurgeryOBC9181
AIQM.S. OphthalmologyOBC9032
AIQM.S. OrthopaedicsOBC9681
AIQM.D. General MedicineSC8541
AIQM.D. Obst. & GynaeSC24982
AIQM.D. AnaesthesiologySC38942
AIQM.D. PaediatricsSC19865
AIQM.D. PathologySC52763
AIQM.D. Radio- DiagnosisSC6115
AIQM.S. EntSC36200
AIQM.S. General SurgerySC24544
AIQM.S. OphthalmologySC24672
AIQM.S. OrthopaedicsSC21271
AIQM.D. DermatologyST22295
AIQM.D. General MedicineST25027
AIQM.D. Obst. & GynaeST36077
AIQM.D. PaediatricsST34955
AIQM.D. RadiotherapyST84731
AIQM.S. General SurgeryST40504
AIQM.S. OphthalmologyST49433
NEET PG Cut-off Fees

Government Medical College Nagpur NEET PG through State Quota 50 % Counselling 2023

QuotaBranchCATClosing Rank
Maha-Govt QuotaMD AnaesthesiologyOPEN21461
Maha-Govt QuotaMD AnaesthesiologyEWS26233
Maha-Govt QuotaMD AnaesthesiologyOBC18025
Maha-Govt QuotaMD AnaesthesiologyNT133183
Maha-Govt QuotaMD AnaesthesiologyST79884
Maha-Govt QuotaMD DermatologyOPEN1666
Maha-Govt QuotaMD DermatologyNT 35180
Maha-Govt QuotaMD General MedicineOPEN1856
Maha-Govt QuotaMD General MedicineEWS1588
Maha-Govt QuotaMD General MedicineOBC2618
Maha-Govt QuotaMD General MedicineSC12765
Maha-Govt QuotaMD General MedicineST13736
Maha-Govt QuotaMD PaediatricsOPEN6193
Maha-Govt QuotaMD PaediatricsEWS13154
Maha-Govt QuotaMD PaediatricsOBC7660
Maha-Govt QuotaMD PaediatricsSC17940
Maha-Govt QuotaMD PathologyOPEN48267
Maha-Govt QuotaMD PathologyEWS37913
Maha-Govt QuotaMD PathologySC67905
Maha-Govt QuotaMD PathologyST53909
Maha-Govt QuotaMD PsychiatryOPEN12356
Maha-Govt QuotaMD PsychiatryNT 224515
Maha-Govt QuotaMD Radiation OncologyOPEN19062
Maha-Govt QuotaMD Radiation OncologySC54235
Maha-Govt QuotaMD RadiodiagnosisOPEN439
Maha-Govt QuotaMD RadiodiagnosisEWS1152
Maha-Govt QuotaMD RadiodiagnosisOBC1075
Maha-Govt QuotaMD RadiodiagnosisNT 21418
Maha-Govt QuotaMD RadiodiagnosisSC5136
Maha-Govt QuotaMD RadiodiagnosisVJ6765
Maha-Govt QuotaMD Respiratory MedicineEWS12046
Maha-Govt QuotaMS ENTOPEN21652
Maha-Govt QuotaMS ENTEWS23065
Maha-Govt QuotaMS ENTNT133641
Maha-Govt QuotaMS General SurgeryOPEN4172
Maha-Govt QuotaMS General SurgeryOBC16456
Maha-Govt QuotaMS General SurgerySC28383
Maha-Govt QuotaMS General SurgeryST65428
Maha-Govt QuotaMS General SurgeryVJ17138
Maha-Govt QuotaMS OphthalmologyOPEN16348
Maha-Govt QuotaMS OphthalmologyEWS20421
Maha-Govt QuotaMS OphthalmologyOBC19381
Maha-Govt QuotaMS OphthalmologyST62082
Maha-Govt QuotaMS OrthopaedicsOPEN7850
Maha-Govt QuotaMS OrthopaedicsOBC15394
Maha-Govt QuotaMS OrthopaedicsNT 212873
Maha-Govt QuotaMS OrthopaedicsSC26620
Maha-Govt QuotaObstetrics & GynaecologyOBC10971
Maha-Govt QuotaObstetrics & GynaecologySC26335
Maha-Govt QuotaObstetrics & GynaecologyST27660
Maha-Govt QuotaObstetrics & GynaecologyOPEN8413

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Government Medical College Nagpur NEET PG Service Bond Details & Seat Leaving Bond

Bond TypesDetails
Bond Year1
Bond Penalty50,00,000
Seat Leaving Penalty20 lakhs

Government Medical College Nagpur NEET PG Stipend Details

YearStipend Amount (per annum)
Year 176,629
Year 277,373
Year 378,117

Document Required for Document Required for Maharashtra PG Medical Registration & Admission

Certificates / Documents to be uploaded and produced at the time Online document Verification

  • Online downloaded Application form for State NEET PG 2024
  • Copy of downloaded NEET-PG 2024 Admit Card
  • Any Photo ID proof (Aadhar Card/Driving License, PAN Card, Pass port)
  • NEET-PG 2024 Mark sheet
  • Nationality Certificate /valid passport or School Laving Certificate of HSC/ 12th Std.
  • indicating the nationality of the candidate as “Indian”
  • MBBS degree/Passing certificate.
  • Internship completion certificate from University or the Head of the Institution.
  • Internship completion Certificate
  • Permanent / Provisional Registration certificate of Maharashtra Medical Council or
  • other State Medical Councils in India/MCI.
  • Certificate from Head of Institute showing that the Medical College/ Institute from which the candidate has passed MBBS examination is recognized by Medical Council of India.
  • Medical Fitness Certificate. (As per Annexure – M)
  • Copy of Receipt of online fee payment for Rs. 3000/-.

If applicable…

  • Caste Certificate
  • Caste Validity Certificate.
  • Non-Creamy Layer Certificate {for (VJ) DT -A, NT-B, NT-C, NT-D, OBC & SBC Candidates} issued by appropriate authority as specified in the Government Resolutions from time to time and should be valid up to 31/03/2024 or later.
  • EWS candidates should produce eligibility certificate in prescribed format issued by appropriate authority, for academic year 2024-25.
  • All India Quota / AIIMS / Central Government Institutes selection letter / letter from Dean/Principal stating that the Candidate was admitted for MBBS
  • under 15% quota / AIIMS/Central Government Institution from All India Entrance Examination.
  • For Persons with disability (PWD) Candidates – Medical Disability Certificate from certificate issuing authority
  • Bond release Certificate from DMER, Mumbai
  • NOC from Directorate of Health Services (for in-service candidates)
  • Orphan Certificate from appropriate authority.

NEET PG Cut-off Fees NEET PG Cut-off Fees NEET PG Cut-off Fees NEET PG Cut-off Fees NEET PG Cut-off Fees NEET PG Cut-off Fees NEET PG Cut-off Fees NEET PG Cut-off Fees NEET PG Cut-off Fees NEET PG Cut-off Fees NEET PG Cut-off Fees

Government Medical College NagpurGovernment Medical College NagpurGovernment Medical College NagpurGovernment Medical College NagpurGovernment Medical College NagpurGovernment Medical College NagpurGovernment Medical College NagpurGovernment Medical College Nagpur

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